Tuesday, September 06, 2011

positive thinking every day 3

the "gratitude" page. instead of a list i put my thoughts on the action or attitude of gratitude on here. i keep a gratitude list in a small notebook so i did not think i needed to put it here also. i have played with the Dina Wakely type silhouettes before and they are fun. this is a representation of me shading my eyes and looking to the future which is very bright!
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positive thinking every day 2

the things that make me smile page. i already had some backgrounds done in a moleskine journal and decided to just go with the flow for these exercises. i always have scraps and such on the table and that is how the bird and the heart ended up here. it is not like i had to search high and low for them. the papers for the banner/bunting thing were near the desk also. i am loving the sort of muted colors here.
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positive thinking everyday 1

i am taking a year-long class with Dale Anne Potter right now. it started on august 15th. this is the "i am" page. i have not finished the doodling part of it. i am not inclined to doodling, but i have some doodle-type image rubber stamps. the fact that these stamps exist lets me know i am not the only one who loves the look, but lacks the gene!

this list made me realize that when doing a project like this i tend to put down the things i see myself as in the most positive terms. right around the time i did this i had done a couple of things that are not positive or nice or loving or many of the words/traits here. i wondered if i should be putting down the negatives, too. but this is a POSITIVE THINKING workshop. and my blahblah journal contains plenty of examples of my negative actions, thoughts, and words. thankyouverymuch.
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