Wednesday, January 18, 2006

circle journal swap for sherry's book

theme: trapped. this is a picture of a nightmare kind of thing and i put the wire through the eyelets to be a really really trapped nightmare. i put a couple of paper beads dipped in two coats of UTEE on there also. i dry-brushed two colors of acrylic paint on the cardstock. after that dried i used the ever-popular shish kebab stick to scrape some white gesso on for the texture and accent. this is my new favorite background technique! hey, sherry, i hope you like this. this is another one i am quite proud of.
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for sarette's book in my circle journal swap

theme: all about me. i went with me, my cats and my future which is pretty much up in the sky right now. i really like the way this turned out. i hope you do, too, sarette! for more info on my method please go to
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in raina's wings rr book

ochre and purple, but the tags are lumiere and so the flash kinda messes the picture up a bit. i used oil pastels to do the pages first, then put a piece of patterened yellow/white velum on the bottom left(ish) corner then the tags and a butterfly ( i think it was actually a moth, but a beauty, none the less). some dimensional glue and spackles of paint some purple and gold paper accents and the stones along the side. i am sorry it looks blue. but, eh, it is the only way you will see it and i will be able to keep it since it will be raina's property!
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