Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday 2010

this is my cake and loot at Celina's house. the cake was completely a dream. the whole thing was like a 3 year old's fantasy cake and i so loved it! it was a carrot cake under that frosting. i at almost half of it. i did that knowing that i was going to start Atkins two days after that. it was so worth it. so, i am 51. how did it happen? it just completely boggles my mind that i could possibly be that old. boggles, i tell ya. it was a very good day. Tony bbq'd brats and burgers, we had salads and beans and it was amazing and delicious. best birthday since the single digits i do believe. i am so lucky to have the bestie that i do. she loves me and she did this for me.
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Word of Intent swap BAJ Group

My word of intent to focus on and keep in mind this year is 'heart'. It means many things to me and those things have been explained elsewhere. Since this blog is for art, I just wanted to share the cards I received from the swap members in my group. Starting upper left and going clockwise these were made by Anne, Carolyn, Jenny, Valerie, and Mary. They are wonderful and this swap now becomes the best one I have ever been involved in for quality of work. Just beautiful.
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