Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gina's Ireland cj for April 2009

first page. Lisa leaves all the days in my calendar month for me to work on and that means i get to put my art on the same page as some of hers. it is hard to decide if i should make it blend with hers and confuse people about whose art it is or if i should just do my own thing. i did my own thing here. playing with scraps and bits i have saved over the last who knows how long. the main background is the inside of a security envelope. the tag in the top is a flap from my current favorite Tazo tea, berryblossom white. if you have not had a cup of this, get you to starbucks and order a cup. yummy. i drink mine plain, but you can jazz yours up if you want to. the rectangular piece is a boarding pass from a flight i took a couple years ago. who knew that it would turn black when hit with a heat gun to set the white ink i used for the words? live and learn.
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