Friday, May 29, 2009

the take-along journal contents

this is the stuff i don't leave home without. it is all packed in a little blue nylon bag that was part of a gift with purchase from estee lauder about a million years ago. this is the kit i use for the writing part. my pages are painted and decorated, usually, before i write in them, so when i sit down to actually journal, this is what i dig into for pens and stuff. there is a small 6 inch ruler in case i need to make a straight line, and a little stapler with gold staples in case something comes my way and must be inserted, the thing in the bottom left is my date stamp. i always date my entries with month/day/year/time/day of the week. actually that is my ONLY journal rule. it MUST be dated. PERIOD. there are no other rules i follow.
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