Monday, November 02, 2009

2nd november art every day challenge

this is a spread inspired by a lynne whipple example in the artists' journals and sketchbooks book i am doing a workshop in. this fulfills the lesson 3 requirement for the workshop and also for today's art. yay. yeah, i realize this is only day two, but i am finding this fun and also weird because by 1800 i was thinking i needed to go do this or i was going to be in trouble and be behind. man, i am behind in so many things right now. classes online that are still ongoing and some that are long over, but i have the information for. prompt a day (three months worth from kelly kilmer...) there is no reason i should ever be at a loss for inspiration or ideas. all this stuff in in folders right in the center of my computer screen. can't miss. so, yeah, done and i had a good time doing it. this is gonna be a good thing. anyone who knows me knows that i could do with less time in front of streaming netflix and hulu and more time in 'le studio'. see you tomorrow!
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